Alla Kadadha

Hello Rotarians! My name is

Age: 28
HOMETOWN: Milwaukee
EDUCATION: Dual B.A, in History and Philosophy at Alverno College

Quick Facts

It is truly a privilege to have been selected as the District 6270 Global Grant Scholar for 2015/16. The Rotary Foundation, is renowned for its local and international commitment to overcoming disease, poverty, illiteracy and conflict around the world. For someone, who plans to dedicate her life to cultural understanding and sustainable peace efforts, it is an honor to be sponsored and associated with the Rotary Foundation. As a Global Grant Scholar, I will be earning a masters degree in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies at the Middle Eastern Institute at Kings College London.

This website is dedicated to creating a platform of communication between me and the Rotarians in Wisconsin. I will be sharing my academic achievements, experiences and adventures with you throughout the year.

I hope that you will enjoy this site and I welcome you to message me directly at the “Contact Me” tab above.

Thank you for your support and sponsorship!

Alla Kadadha

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​​and I’m the District 6270 Rotary Global Grant Scholar earning an M.A in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies at Kings College London. 

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